The World Behavior Analysis Day Podcast

Drs. Jill Dardig & Bill Heward: Changing the World with Behavior Analysis - One Book at a Time

August 25, 2022 World Behavior Analysis Day Podcast Season 1 Episode 2
The World Behavior Analysis Day Podcast
Drs. Jill Dardig & Bill Heward: Changing the World with Behavior Analysis - One Book at a Time
Show Notes

Behavior analysts' jobs focus on improving lives through the science of behavior. Similarly, there is a responsibility to disseminate behavior analysis by making information about the science more accessible and engaging. However, it is often challenging to effectively translate our procedures and technical language into our unique communities to inspire and motivate change.

During this interview, accomplished authors and professors Jill C. Dardig and William L. Heward discuss their lives' work across the world and their pursuits in doing just that.  

Episode Description:

In this episode, we discuss their entry into the field of Behavior Analysis and Special Education, their thoughts on effective programming for individuals with disabilities, and their motivation to write their first book together titled, Sign Here: A Contracting Book for Children and their Parents. They share the success of its distribution and translation into multiple languages across the globe and discuss the need to provide an updated, inclusive version of the book today: Let's Make a Contract: a Positive Way to Change your Child's Behavior

In Let's Make a Contract, parents learn a research-based practice, behavioral contracting, that is easy to use and benefits all learners. The authors provide beautifully illustrated stories to show children how contracts address everyday challenges like completing chores, achieving goals, getting along, and becoming more independent. Each story ends with questions designed to spark age-appropriate discussion. The book and accompanying website provide sample contracting forms and supporting materials that can be found below. 

Show Notes

Let’s Make a Contract: A Positive Way to Change Your Child’s Behavior


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